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Illuminate your outdoor adventures with the Coleman Powerhouse Dual-Fuel Lantern. This durable camping lantern features a 2-mantle design that casts up to 800 lumens up to 72 feet away. Its versatile DualFuel technology gives you the option of powering the lantern using either Coleman Liquid Fuel or unleaded gasoline. Light the lantern with a quick match strike and dial in the desired brightness level with the adjustable control knob. All Season Strong technology offers reliable operation in all weather conditions, while the porcelain-coated 2-tier ventilator helps resist corrosion and rust. A bail handle makes it easy to carry or hang the lantern, and the fuel tank provides a steady base when the lantern is placed on a table or other surface. This outdoor lantern lasts up to 5 hours on high or 20 hours on low with 2.5 pints of fuel (sold separately). It comes with 2 String Tie #21 mantles and a filtering funnel.Light up your campsite for up to 14 hours at a stretch with this Coleman duel-fuel Powerhouse lantern. Burning up to 25 percent brighter than Coleman’s 285 series lanterns, the Powerhouse is a great choice for evening meals, games, or reading while at the campsite. The lantern is powered by your choice of 2 pints of Coleman fuel or unleaded gas, so you don’t need to scramble for one fuel if you have plenty of the other on hand. The light also offers a two-mantle design for better lighting (the lantern comes with two standard No. 21 mantles). Perhaps best of all, the lantern lasts for hours once the sun sets, with a 7-hour burn time on high and a 14-hour burn time on low. Designed to light easily with matches, the Powerhouse lantern comes with a filter funnel.

About Coleman
More than 100 years ago, a young man with an entrepreneurial spirit and a better idea began manufacturing lanterns in Wichita, Kansas. His name was W.C. Coleman, and the company he founded would change life in America. A man plagued with such poor vision he sometimes had to ask classmates to read aloud to him, Coleman saw a brilliant light in 1900 in a drugstore window that stopped him in his tracks. He inquired about the light inside and discovered he was able to read even the small print on a medicine bottle by the illumination. The lamps had mantles, not wicks, and were fueled by gasoline under pressure instead of coal oil. Soon afterward, Coleman started a lighting service that offered a “no light, no pay” clause–a big step forward for merchants who were burned by inferior products that rarely worked–and drew substantial interest from businesses that wanted to keep their lights on after dark.

In the ensuing years, Coleman expanded its product line well beyond lanterns. The company’s current catalog is thick with products that make spending time outdoors a pleasure. There are coolers that keep food and drinks cold for days on end, comfortable airbeds that won’t deflate during the night, a complete line of LED lights that last for years, powerful portable grills that cook with an authentic open-grill flame, and much, much more. Coleman has truly fashioned much of our outdoor camping experience, and expects to do so for generations to come.

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